Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Final Speech

As the microphone slowly descends and the orchestra crescendos into their "shut up now" flourish, I speed my speech in fear that not everyone will be thanked before I am gently escorted off stage and the cameras go to commercial...

I went on and on about my struggles, my strife; I gave the quintessential advice in never giving up and proclaimed that it was all worth it...I thanked my family, my friends, God...I blew a kiss to my Dad who was watching from above...

But who did I forget to mention??? At the pinnacle of my moment in reaping the benefits of my tenacious efforts in attaining my dream, who did I forget to thank? Ah... perhaps the ONE person who made this all happen! Without him noticing me and being attracted to my vibe, none of this would have occured....

Thank you Andrew Nathan Bergdahl, the love of my life!

Thank you for seeing me, for instantly seeing the happiness and beauty within me that went sooo unappreciated by other men. Thank you for seeing the things that make me ME, and for being drawn to me. 

You may have been too shy to approach me and I may have been too distracted to know you were there, but because of your friends seeing that you needed help and therefore playing "match maker", we met, we talked, we came to realize rather quickly that we had a lot in common and the love story of my life unfolded so easily that I found myself saying YES to your proposal a year and four months later!!! 

He proposed under the Redwoods!!

When I first started this blog, I honestly did not believe I would ever find my soul mate. I was fed up, disappointed, confused and looking for answers. All sorts of revelations started to surface the deeper I plunged into my soul while writing blog posts for the world to witness...airing out all the hilarious, embarrassing, gross, sad, difficult parts of my life. I admitted I had dated some real jerks, I recounted the dark tales of Mark's death and how that affected me for years, I begged Aphrodite to release her curses on me, I said goodbye to my Father, I threw the rock, and I finally found solid ground where I could start my journey as a healed woman headed for a secure future in being "OK" without finding my love and without having children to call my own. I was absolutely rock solid and happy... and that's when I met YOU.

The wisdom you have within you drew us together because I finally possessed true happiness within myself.  It was perfect alignment. 

You are my dream come true. 

I KNEW you were out there ever since I was a child; HA!! and people told me I was unrealistic in waiting for a man like you. I'm glad I disagreed with them all, and I'm glad I continued to wait, hope, pray, beg, and blog. 

I may be older now (turning 40 next week!!) and I sure did wait a long long time for you to appear, but you are worth it all, Andrew.  

Stay tuned for a new blog with a new title cuz this girl ain't single no more!

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