Thursday, May 30, 2013

Second Chances

About 4 weeks ago I was laid off, thank GOD, from a job that I tried to convince myself I liked; but in fact I have been miserable and stuck in a conservative office for way too long.

Since that blessed day when my boss let me go, my life has opened up in many profound ways and I have found myself starting a journey down a path that I believe has always been there, waiting for me.

I'm the leading lady in a show

I'm reading my book to classes

I'm moving to San Francisco to be with the love of my life

And I'm teaming up with a life coach to keep me on this path of happiness and self acceptance

I will continue to honor myself by staying in the sunlight and being true to who I am and what I need in life to continue to shine!

Thank you, Universe, for giving me this second chance on life!


  1. The Universe speaks often, we just don't listen all the time. congratulations for taking the time to hear all the Universe has to offer.