Friday, April 12, 2013

I Finally Figured Out What I’ve Known All Along

Big News…I’m an actor! 

And I just figured this out?

While earning my degree in Performing Arts, pursuing an acting career in LA and NYC, and doing show after show, I spent a majority of those 20 years convincing myself that I was NOT an actor. As I was waiting for my life to begin, I:
  • studied acting
  • fine-tuned my singing voice
  • went to dance classes
  • auditioned
  • begged agents to represent me
  • banged on the Broadway stage doors to drop off my demo cd to the music directors

I did:
  • gorilla theatre
  • community theatre
  • fringe shows
  • regional shows
  • wrote and performed in my own cabarets
  • I even directed a play
  • sang in musical theatre workshops
  • sang on recordings
  • landed a major recording – The Stephen Sondheim Album
  • shared the stage with Deborah Gibson and Elaine Stritch in a musical
… But all the while, I was NOT an actor. 

I was a:
  • nanny
  • babysitter
  • administrative assistant
  • temp
  • waitress
  • cater waiter
  • assistant stage manager
  • senior marketing coordinator

Yet I was NEVER an actor.

I grew tired of being the stereotypical struggling artist. I was done putting my life on hold for the day I would land that one big role that would jumpstart my career and make me a REAL actor. So I tore up my Equity card, left NYC and all of my dreams, and I moved back to Cali to get a “real life”.  
Well, I have that real life now. I landed a “real” job (Senior Marketing Coordinator) and I’m no longer that struggling actor because I’m not doing shows anymore. I finally got my “real life” that I wanted.

But why have I been so depressed lately?

Andrew, my beloved and handsome boyfriend, noticed my gloom and doom and so wisely said to me “You need to do a show”. 

  • Hell NO!
  • I don’t need to do that stilly acting stuff anymore!
  • Hum…I’ve been in a 2 year dry spell. No shows since 2011.
  • Maybe he’s right?

Then all of the sudden the clouds parted. I had an epiphany.
I figured out what I have known all along. 

I AM an actor. 

  • I need the stage
  • I need that license to act goofy without any judgments
  • I need to express myself through acting and singing


If I don’t, my light grows dim.  

"Wait Until Dark" Newport Theatre Arts Center

I actually AM an actor, and I have been an actor this whole time! 

And what a better situation than to have a full time job that I actually like, and have the flexibility to do shows on the weekends. 

Rediscovery is bliss.

Hello to the New Me who I’ve always been!

Come see me play my dream role, Audrey, in Little Shop of Horrors at Long Beach Playhouse!


  1. Well many of us have known for a long time that you're a star... but now you're an actor too! Lxoxo

  2. Love it. And yes, you have always been/will always be an actor. And it's even written in your bio on this very blog. Break a leg, Audrey. Can't wait to see it.

    1. Isn't that funny that it's in my bio! Sometimes I have admitted it and other times I have denied it. The word "struggling" actor could never be so true!

  3. LOVE it! That was hysterical (with such perfectly matched up pics with you OBVIOUSLY acting on a stage all these years) and was touching and real me...I GET IT! You ARE an actor...but you are also all those other things on your above lists too...which is a great thing-not a bad thing.... no's all part of the package that makes you such a great, friend, aunt, girlfriend, daughter,etc!!! Keep living happy!! xoxox

  4. Theresa, I love your blog because it is so you - real, funny, poignant, honest, feeling, excited and beautiful!! You are an ACTOR and I am so lucky that I will get to see you perform in "Little Shop of Horrors!!!!"

    1. Sooooo excited for you to be there on opening night! I couldn't have asked for a better "boyfriend's mom!!" xoxoxo